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Low-E and Argon should be standard for all new homes and renovations. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of how Low-E and Argon work, or the benefits they offer.

You can expect to save 10 to 25% of your annual heating costs if you choose Low-E, Argon gas filled windows for your home. Wood or vinyl standard double-glazed windows usually have an insulation value about R-2. Low-E glass and argon gas increase the R-value by more than 50 per cent. Think of it as adding insulation to the least insulated part of your home.

Reduces Heat Loss

Low-E is an ultra-thin metallic coating that is applied to the surface of the glass. This coating allows heat in from the sun, but slows heat from escaping. This is possible because heat radiating from objects inside the house is on a different wavelength than heat from the sun.

Argon gas displaces the air between the two panes of glass. The argon is heavier than air and slows the rate of heat loss across the space between the glass. Air normally rises against the inside, warmer pane and falls when it hits the outside, cooler pane. This process, called convection, “pumps” heat to the outside. Argon slows this method of heat loss.

Argon being added to an insulated glass unit
Argon being added to an insulated glass unit